The 5th SRYD Walking to the Sky Officially Kicks-off!

2022-05-01 10:12:00

Source: Silk Road & Young Dreams


Dauntless, the youth is following their dreams all the way.
Entering the year of 2022, the world is filled of turbulence and unpredictability. The epidemic is still raging worldwide, the Tonga volcano erupted violently, regional conflicts and rivalries among major powers become fiercer.
What should young people do? We should not “lie down” and be engulfed in the darkness, but advance bravely towards the shared future hand in hand. More importantly, we should, through action, show the strength and belief of young people, stop dangerous confrontations, care for our loved ones, pay attention to the common life planet, and realize dreams.
With Walking to the Sky as its theme, the 5th Silk Road & Young Dreams 2022 kicked-off on May 1st. The event lays out two digital routes, the North & the South, starting from Beijing, the ancient capital, and finishing at the Dream Camp. Participants of this event, in forms like walking, speech, music, photography, sand painting, among others, will experience urban and rural culture online, cross mountains and rivers, and deliver their young dreams along the Silk Road.
North Route:
China (Beijing - Hebei - Henan - Shanxi - Shaanxi - Chongqing - Ningxia - Gansu - Qinghai - Xinjiang) - Kazakhstan - Afghanistan - Uzbekistan - Armenia - Georgia - Russia - Belarus - Ukraine - Serbia - Croatia - Germany
South Route:
China (Beijing - Tianjin - Shandong - Jiangsu - Shanghai - Zhejiang - Fujian - Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau - Hainan) - Japan - New Zealand - Philippines - Malaysia - Thailand - Sri Lanka - Maldives - Pakistan - Iran - Syria - Italy
Main Content
I. Walking Competition

1. Time: May 1st - August 31st
2. Age Range: 15-55 years old
II. Talent Competitions
1. Speech Contest
Culture is the soul of a nation, and it is also the common spiritual home of mankind. For thousands of years, the natural environment and historical processes of different regions have nurtured splendid cultures, contributing to the vigor and diversity of the world.
With online media becoming increasingly prevalent, youth culture is deeply influenced by multiple values, and there are various cultural patterns such as ACG (Anime, Comics and Games) culture, emoji culture, demotivating culture and so forth. Meanwhile, benefiting from the popularity of technological means, traditional culture can get more access to cross-border innovation, perfectly integrating with modern culture and youth culture. This transformation not only shows the strong vitality of traditional culture, but also makes it impress more young people.
With the theme of “Inspiring Youth, Colorful Culture”, the 5th SRYD speech contest provides a platform for the youth to tell about contemporary culture, and show the popular cultural elements and symbols of young generation. It also encourages the young people to inherit, innovate and promote excellent traditional culture from their perspectives, enriching the connotation of people-to-people bonds of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Registration deadline: August 8
2. Music Contest
No matter where the peace has been broken, the peace of all countries will be in danger. Over the years, the world has not been peaceful with regional conflicts occurring from time to time. The outbreak of Russia-Ukraine war in 2022 reminds people that the war has not gone far and maintaining peace is still a common task faced by human society.
With the theme of “Music for Peace”, the 5th SRYD music contest calls on young people from all over the world to express their expectations for freedom and peace, love and dignity through music, to pray that those who have experienced the pain of war can regain confidence and hope of lives.
Registration deadline: August 8
3. Photography Contest
A smile is like the bright light that blooms on the people’s faces. Smile appears in an instant, but is unforgettable.
With the theme of “Smile of the Silk Road”, the 5th SRYD photography competition collects photos of smiling people of different skin colors, occupations and ages from all over the world. These vivid images are the great interpretations to the optimistic and peaceful Silk Road spirit.
Registration deadline: August 8
4. Sand Painting Competition
The Silk Road International Sand Painting Competition is an important part of the SRYD. Since 2019, the competition has been successfully held for three consecutive years, and gained supports from all walks of life. The competition aims at promoting the exchanges and development of sand painting art with showing the talents, creativity and dreams of young people.
Theme: Pursuing Dreams and Walking to a Shared Future
Registration deadline: August 1
5. Cultural & Creative Design Competition
"Intangible cultural heritage" is the cultural wealth retained by the ancestors, which is naturally generated and continuously changed in the long river of history.
With the passing of time, the impact of modernization, and the influence of commercialization, intangible cultural heritage has lost its original soil and social environment. Their future requires more than protection.
Silk Road Youth Cultural and Creative Design Competition encourages young people to integrate intangible cultural heritage into the daily life through innovative designs. This will further promote the public's cognition of the concept of cultural inheritance and protection, and contribute to enriching cultural diversity and human creativity.
The details of the competition will be announced soon.
How to sign up?
Method 1: 
Search for WeChat Mini Program “喜鹿鹿 Xi Lulu”
Method 2: 
Download App: 
Andriod: Scan QR code below by using browser on mobile phone
iOS: Search "Xi Lulu" in APP store
Method 3: 
III. Youth "Power Station" Activities 
All countries, regions, cities and towns along the two digital routes have the opportunities to be invited or take the initiative in jointly hosting Youth Power Station activities with the organizing committee. It is a great occasion to encourage youths to chase their dreams. Meanwhile, the power stations can show their charm, attracting more attention and enhancing their influence.
1. Lighting up Silk Road Cities
Cities, towns and scenic spots can hold a variety of activities in a week or so to show their charm and uniqueness. The activities can include but not limited to long-distance walking, culture night, investment fair, celebrity dialogue, city forum, food and wine tasting, etc.
2. Lighting up Silk Road Brands
The Belt and Road Initiative has created extensive opportunities for the international trade. The organizing committee will join hands with the embassies and consulates of Silk Road countries in China and Chinese Association of Market Development to create Silk Road Brands, providing Chinese and foreign enterprises and excellent brands with a platform for display, promotion and cooperation.
Participating companies can not only recommend themselves but also help young people through hosting public welfare activities, offering prizes, sponsoring Silk Road Dream Project, organizing enterprise forum and other youth activities.
3. Lighting up Influential Figures
As the role models for young people, celebrities and great masters in all fields can set up Celebrity “Power Station” in their hometowns or cities along the two travel routes, showing their works and achievements and encouraging more young people to strive for dreams. There are opportunities to be awarded the Silk Road Most Influential Person.

IV. Silk Road Dream Camp
1. Time: September, 2022
2. Main Activities:
  Silk Road Fashion Show
  Revealing “The Smile of the Silk Road”
  Awarding Ceremony and Gala Night
  Silk Road Brands Bazaar
  “Generation Z” Innovation and Development Forum
  Exploring the Host City of Silk Road Dream Camp

1.To keep fit and stay positive
The epidemic makes people physically and mentally exhausted. The event encourages the youth to maintain a positive attitude through going for sports, to overcome difficulties and move towards victory. 
2.To advocate green commuting and protect the earth
It is everyone’s responsibility to strive for carbon neutrality. The individuals can make great efforts to reduce carbon emissions through daily behaviors such as walking more and driving less. The total number of steps accumulated by all participants in a 4-month period can be equivalent to a considerable amount of carbon sinks.
3.To achieve individual dreams and support public welfare
Provided by the co-organizers and supporting institutions, the 50 Silk Road Dream Projects will include Chinese language courses, travel, study in China/abroad, children’s major diseases assistance, international refugee relief, internship/job opportunities, tree planting, animal protection, disabled children aids, product donation, poverty alleviation and education assistance, etc.
Participating in the event not only helps achieve individual dreams, but also supports the public welfare on a wider scale, which reflects the cohesion of the Silk Road family. 
4.To put a premium on the role of youth in people-to-people exchanges
Young people are the hope of the world, and the backbone to the future. They prefer to express and interact, from whom we can see the curiosity, enthusiasm and vitality. They are more aware of cultural diversity and inclusiveness. The exchanges among young people with various cultures and backgrounds, different political systems and ideas, can significantly cultivate and promote mutual respect.
5.To empower development and facilitate cooperation among cities
The two walking routes cross famous mountains and rivers, and pass through cities in 23 countries along the Land and Maritime Silk Road. The organizing committee invites institutions and individuals from the governments, tourism attractions, enterprises, of those cities to jointly host a variety of activities (cultural performances, investment promotion fairs, food festivals, exhibitions, business fairs, etc.), so as to boost local development and cooperation with enthusiasm of young people.
6.To gather youth dreams and jointly build the Silk Road
The construction of the “Belt and Road” requires active participation and contribution of the youngsters. With the fundamental goal of providing the youth with an opportunity to share and realize dreams, Silk Road & Young Dreams is a platform that gathers the strength and dream from every single person. It builds a community of interests, destiny and responsibilities, featuring mutual political trust, economic integration, and cultural tolerance.
1. Guiding Institution:
International Department, Central Committee of CPC
2. Hosts:
China NGO Network for International Exchanges
Silk Road Cities Alliance
China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development
Beijing Belt and Road Cooperative Community
3. Co-Hosts:
CRI Online of China Media Group
China Youth Daily
Global Travel Channel
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in China
Beijing Maike Culture Industry Co.,Ltd
Su Dabao Sand Painting Art International Exchange Center
Heaven Gaia
4. Supporting Institutions:
SCO Secretariat
Embassies of Silk Road countries in China
Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China
China Foreign Affairs University
Central Academy of Fine Arts
Central Conservatory of Music
School of Arabic Studies of Beijing Foreign Studies University
Silk Road School of Renmin University of China (Suzhou)
Beijing Council for the Promotion of Social Construction
Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China
Chinese Debate World Cup Organizing Committee
Belt & Road Initiative Sri Lanka
Beijing One Heart Sphere Charity Foundation
Media Partners:
CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CGTN, People’s Daily Online,, China Economic News, China Youth Daily, Jiefang Daily, China Daily, Global Times, Global Times, Wen Wei Po, Tencent News, Toutiao, Sina