Launching of International Zero Carbon Club & Alliance of Carbon Industries for Net Zero

2021-11-08 17:56:00

Source: Silk Road Cities Alliance


In order to serve China's goals to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, International Zero Carbon Club (3060 Club) and Alliance of Carbon Industries for Net Zero were launched at The 1st World Conference on Best Practicing of Carbon Neutrality on November 7, with the vision of building a platform for the exchanges and cooperation of international and domestic technologies, products and experience, while providing reference for the Chinese government, institutions and related industries to design and formulate routes to achieve the goal. 

The 3060 Club is an open, non-profit public platform for all organizations, enterprises and individuals who are willing to support the Initiative of Explore the Way to a Zero Carbon Future Together and participate in the zero carbon action, regardless of profession, gender or age. The purpose of the club is to gather Chinese and foreign advocates and practitioners for emission reduction, exchange action plans and practical experience, study and judge policy trends and the main areas and characteristics of global cooperation and struggles, to bring knowledge, connections and resources for the delivery of Dual Carbon goals. 


Work Direction:

1. To organize the seminars to analyze international and domestic situation and policy trends of the response to climate change. 

2. To exchange practical experience, which could be carried out in sectors and cities. 

3. To support releases of new technologies, new products and new projects. 

4To host and organize the annual World’ s Dual Carbon Practice Conference. 

5. To organize cross-industry exchanges, and to invite leading experts in politics, academics, diplomacy, science and technology, media, and culture to communicate and perceive the demands and understanding of the implementation of the 3060 target in different fields. 


At present, nearly 100 institutions from China, Britain, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, and Switzerland have registered to join. 

The guests jointly launched the International Zero Carbon Club 


As the core of the International Zero Carbon Club, the Alliance of Carbon Industries for Net Zero was also established at the conference, focusing on promoting dual carbon industry and forming a close ecological cooperation circle for achieving carbon neutrality. 



Silk Road Global Information Limited of Silk Road Cities Alliance      

China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation                      

CIECC Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd. 

Sino Carbon Innovation & Investment Co., Ltd 

Jupeng Bio Holding Group Company 

Shenzhen Green & Carbon Investment 

Shanghai Tifani Information Management Center  

Lanzhou Environment Energy Exchange 

RSBK Strategie Beratung Kommunikation AG 

World Federation of Science Funds  

Shanxi Silk Road Digital Economy Research Institute 

Guizhou Kaiyang Qingli Tianmeng Chemicals Co., Ltd. 

Boyu Capital Investment Management Co., Limited (Hong Kong) 


The 1st World Conference on Best Practicing of Carbon Neutrality was successfully held in Beijing as a supporting project of 2021 China International Import Expo (CIIE). It is jointly hosted by Silk Road Cities Alliance, China-EU Association, China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation, co-hosted by Sino Carbon Innovation & Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Belt & Road Cooperative Community, Shanxi Silk Road Digital Economy Research Institute, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China, and supported by Panasonic Corporation of China, Jupeng Bio Holding Group Company, Guizhou Qingli Group Company Ltd., RSBK Strategie Beratung Kommunikation AG, CIECC Overseas Consulting Co.,Ltd., China Forum, Japan External Trade Organization, World Business Council for Sustainable Development. 

Mr. Kong Quan, Deputy Director of the CPCCCs Central Foreign Affairs Office; Mr. Vladimir Imamovich Norov, Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization; Mr. Rudolf Albert Scharping, Former Federal Minister of Defense of Germany; Ms. Claire ONeill, former Minister of Energy of Britain; Mr. Zhao Penggao, Deputy Director General of the Department of Resources Conservation and Environmental Protection of NDRC; Mr. Ren Shuben, Former Director General of the Department of Resources Conservation and Environmental Protection of NDRC; Mr. Wang Longyun, Vice President of China-EU Association; Zhang Zhiqiang, Director of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Department of the National Climate Strategy Center, and other attendees from the diplomatic, political, business and academic circles attended the exhibition visit and conference discussion both online and offline, focusing on how to take practical actions to face global climate change and promote the realization of the double carbon goal. 

The sand print Mountains of Gold and Sliver is created by Mr. Su Dabao to celebrate the launching of 3060 Club. 

Mr. Li Mingquan expressed his blessings to the conference by creating the Chinese painting Blooming Flower